MCDM strategic direct marketing helps you prosper in the future!
MCDM strategic direct marketing            helps you prosper in the future! 



Hire a DM consultant who has done it!


For the prior 30 years, I- like you, was a Line Manager with sales, profit & budget responsibilities.  I was the VP of Direct Marketing at one of the largest DM firms in the country managing a $50 million marketing budget and producing over $250 million in sales!


Currently, I want to work with only serious people. According to a recent trade magazine, 57% of  C-suite executives said their marketing departments are behind where they should be! I will work on a time basis depending upon how long to complete the analysis, design, implementation and facilitate of your marketing project. You will receive the benefit of both in-depth experience and broad management experience that may not be readily available in your own organization. Matter of fact- in the long run, it is more cost effective to hire me with my hands-on experience than a FTE with much less experience! 


See my attached client list,


My involvement can be as simple or expansive as you would like. This would be best established in a follow-up phone call. My 24/7 mobile is 708 565 2681 or email me at

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